Education and Youth Programs

We are committed to providing children every opportunity and support today so that they may thrive tomorrow.


At HCZ, we believe in continual wraparound youth programs is an essential component in preparing a child for college.  And college is the primary means of breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. We are on a mission to ensure that every child in Central Harlem graduates from college prepared to create a successful, self-sufficient career.

We believe that the pathway to college begins when a child is born and doesn’t end until a student has graduated and has the tools to thrive in a fulfilling career. Our aim is to light that pathway, from cradle to college to career, with community-responsive and wraparound youth programs that support children and their families in every way and in every year of a child’s development.

Early Childhood

The first years of children’s lives shape their futures. Through targeted youth programs that address children’s needs from birth to preschool, we work with parents and children so that every child gains advantages in their earliest years. Our programs are designed to build community for families, educate parents and guardians to ensure their children meet developmental milestones, and spark a love of learning in all our kids.

Promise Academy® Charter Schools

Promise Academy® I and II are unparalleled in their excellence, rigor, and care. In addition to a high-quality, standards-based education, students and their families have access to HCZ’s comprehensive network of supports, including counseling, benefits assistance, and other social services. Our promise is to do whatever it takes to address any issue—even those outside of the classroom—that can hinder a child’s future.

College & Career

When Central Harlem’s students are accepted to college, we feel enormous pride. We know they are well on their way to building successful careers and self-sufficient lives. We also understand that the transition into and out of college can be overwhelming. While our students may leave the Zone for college, we never leave them. We continue to support them as needed while they’re in college and working as young professionals.