National Leadership

Our vision has always been to help vulnerable communities across the world close opportunity gaps and open pathways of success and self-sufficiency.

Overview: Scaling the Model

As pioneers of place-based interventions, we’ve learned a lot in our decades of serving the community of Central Harlem. We have a generation of evidence that creating culturally-responsive programs to build up the people of our community and create pathways to success and self-sufficiency have the power to transform lives and communities-at-large.

It has always been part of our vision to help other vulnerable communities do the same. To that end, we have three programs in place to assist leaders and educators in communities across the world who want to scale our programs. From deep learning opportunities to turn-key frameworks that can be adapted to local needs, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and providing support to those who are passionate about rooting our poverty and unlocking opportunity and equity for everyone.