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About Employment and Technology Center

Employment and Technology Center (ETC) is an after-school program that prepares high school scholars for careers in STEM and technical arts. Scholars learn to use cutting-edge technologies, gain career-ready skills, and grow a network of professional contacts.

Inspired by the academic approach at many colleges, ETC unlocks a learning experience based on a scholar’s “major” or focus area. Scholars enjoy an immersive experience — learning from industry professionals, pursuing real-world projects, and leveraging internship and networking opportunities.

ETC also offers a range of additional services to ensure scholars excel in their academic careers and beyond.

Students learn how to master sewing skills and techniques.

Focus Areas

Employment and Technology Center offers the following “majors” or focus areas.

Pre-Med: Scholars acquire essential knowledge to be successful in the medical field, from CPR/RTE to dissection and physiology.

Architecture: Using the latest technologies in drafting and 3D printing, scholars learn design fundamentals and the nuance of designing for specific communities.

Virtual Reality: Scholars learn to record and edit their experiences in the VR and augmented reality realm.

Graphic Design: Scholars gain extensive instruction in AutoCAD and Photoshop to design professional-quality marketing materials and stop motion graphics.

Audio Engineering: Scholars find out how to make beats, mix, and master their own music on industry-leading technology.

App Design: Scholars learn how to build and market digital apps in the competitive world of technology.

Gastronomy: Scholars gain skills and experience needed to launch a culinary career.

Fashion Technology: Scholars find out how to design and produce clothing made from cutting-edge technologies, such as design software, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

Four-Year Program Structure

Employment and Technology Center mirrors the college experience, providing a four-year program structure.

Scholars learn core knowledge and technical applications of their focus area to achieve competence and become competitive career candidates.

Scholars spend a year partnered with a specialist instructor in an independent study project with real-world relevance and application.

To demonstrate mastery, scholars help lead underclassmen project teams and generate and execute projects independently.

Scholars take internships or engage in mentorship opportunities that enable them to apply skills in real-world settings and nurture professional contacts.

Additional Support and Services

Advocacy: Leveraging school, family, and community resources, our scholars are positioned for success.

Academic Support: Scholars enjoy SAT prep, Regents prep, one-on-one or small group tutoring, Individualized Education Program supports, and coordination with school educators as needed

College and Career Readiness: Scholars benefit from practical guidance in applying and preparing for college, including in the following areas: resume and essay writing, applying for financial aid and scholarships, parent college advising and supports, and college visits.

Health and Wellness: Scholars and their families can take fitness and nutrition courses and health educators provide individual tailored wellness learning.


To enroll in The Employment and Technology Center, call 212-369-5912.

Scholars record music in a music studio at Countee Cullen Community Center.

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