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Community Pride

We are grassroots, boots-on-the-ground connectors, community builders, and problem solvers devoted to empowering individuals and the community-at-large.

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About Community Pride

Community Pride is a robust HCZ program and storefront office, which invests in the people and spaces of Central Harlem. We love our community and take enormous pride in our vibrant people, culture, and history. Our mission at Community Pride is to make sure everyone in Central Harlem has countless reasons to do the same.

At the core, we are connectors and community builders. Our work is grassroots, culturally-responsive, and on the ground. We are a team that establishes strategic partnerships, routinely attends local community stakeholder meetings, stays updated on new and changing benefits and social programs, and trains individuals to become advocates and agents of change within the community. And we function as liaisons between HCZ and the community. We do this because we want to offer a hub of community resources, information, and opportunity — a place you can come for solutions, guidance, and partnerships.

Our Approach

Our work is only as vital as our community partnerships, the information and resources we gather, and our capacity to ensure that the people of Central Harlem are empowered to advocate in their best interests. To achieve this, we take a three-pronged approach:

HCZ Program Education & Connection
We proactively educate community members about the various programs, services, and benefits offered across HCZ. We connect individuals and families to the right people and the right HCZ program to provide proper support.

Strategic Partnership Development
We identify and facilitate cross-community partnerships that meet the greatest needs of our community. The more partnerships we have, the more we can exchange knowledge and resources, and the better we can serve our community members. Our team is always on the ground, nurturing existing relationships, and building new ones.

Community Empowerment
We want to help you achieve goals, for yourself or your neighborhood, and enjoy the pride and sense of ownership that comes with it. To that end, we bring access to a variety of empowerment opportunities to individuals, which include but are not limited to: leadership learning opportunities, community organizing training, ongoing support for those who serve as community leaders, events to network and meet key stakeholders, and more.

Our Focus Areas

While we support individuals in a multitude of interests as they learn to advocate for themselves and become community leaders, the majority of our work has three main focuses areas:

Community Outreach

We go door-to-door to meet our residents, discover their needs, and ensure they have access to benefits that can alleviate economic and social barriers.

A group of volunteers pose and smile for a photo.

Community Organizing

Our volunteers encourage individuals to engage in their communities as advocates for change or as volunteers who provide service to others.

A woman paints a colorful mural on a wall.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Be it painting, block clean-ups, or creating and maintaining gardens, we work with residents to bring beauty and pride, block-by-block, across Central Harlem.

A large group of people who have gathered for a photo after completing a walk for a cause, smile, and celebrate.

Leadership Development

Support in creating lasting institutions through professional development, transferable skills, and public policy and strategic planning information.

Location and Hours

Find Us: 2037-39 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10027

Monday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Have questions? Need help? Reach out to us anytime, or drop by and say hello. We’re here for you.

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