Replicate Our Programs

Through our work to break the cycle of poverty in Central Harlem, we have created, refined, and scaled effective programs and practices across the Zone. But we don’t want to stop there. To help others replicate our success, we are in the process of scaling select programs in communities beyond Harlem.

Replication FAQs

Which program(s) do we replicate?
Currently, we replicate Healthy Ways (known as Healthy Harlem at Harlem Children’s Zone), a program that champions healthy habits and lifestyles for children and families by providing educational and fun nutrition and physical activity programming.

Why Healthy Ways?
Obesity is a crisis that carries significant costs to child well-being, public health, and the U.S. economy. Childhood obesity rates remain unacceptably high, and disparities persist with lower-income children, with Black and Hispanic children being the most at risk. The causes of obesity are complex and interconnected, requiring a multi-pronged approach to achieving or maintaining a healthy weight in children.

Anchored in best practices and research, Healthy Ways infuses the principles of healthy living throughout our programs, with the ultimate goal of guiding children to build lifelong, healthy habits that support learning, achievement, and growth.

Healthy Ways provides a deep and intensive program for children and their families that also has the potential to catalyze organizational and community culture change.

Replication Readiness

The Healthy Ways model is ready to scale:

Evaluation studies indicate the Theory of Change produces the desired impact
✔ Eight years of experience scaling and implementing within HCZ
✔ Intervention components established and prioritized
✔ Existing operational manual, curriculums and tools, and evaluation plan
✔ Technical assistance and training plans developed

By replicating Healthy Ways, we can influence the health, well-being, and futures of children and families across the nation.

Replication Approach

Through generous funding from The JPB Foundation, we embarked on a comprehensive planning process to design a framework for the implementation of Healthy Ways in new communities. The project was divided into two workstreams:

Documenting the strategies, processes, materials, and tools required to implement Healthy Ways and building a partnership model to ensure replication is implemented with fidelity.

Identifying communities with a need for intensive obesity prevention programming and aligned organizations in communities with an interest, infrastructure, and capacity to replicate.

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Are you an organization seeking to improve the health and well-being of the children and families in your community?

Are you a funder seeking to support organizations replicating Healthy Ways?

You don’t have to start from the ground up. Contact us at to learn more about our work and how to replicate our success.

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