Our Approach

Everything we do is to provide all children with the opportunities they need to create promising futures.

What We Do

Poverty is often the result of a series of interconnected, systemic failures. This is why Harlem Children’s Zone roots out poverty on every front, block by block, and need for need to strengthen the foundations and potential of neighborhoods.

Our approach is to be on-the-ground and all-around, opening pathways to mobility and prosperity for more people in more places.

From life-shaping early childhood and education programs to life-affirming community outreach and wellness initiatives, our neighborhood-wide network of programs and services builds up opportunities for children, families, and communities to thrive in school, work, and life.

How We Do It

We offer responsive services and supports for everyone—from expectant parents, to children of all ages, to young professionals, and all the way to senior citizens.

Why We Do It

We believe every child deserves equity, justice, opportunity, and a promising future. We do whatever it takes to ensure this reality for all children of Central Harlem.

Our approach directly reflects our community—we listen and respond. Our work requires constant change and adaptation in order to remain of greatest relevance and service to our community. By successfully and systematically closing opportunity gaps in Harlem, we have also widened pathways to mobility and are transforming the way practitioners and policymakers address poverty nationwide and across the globe. We’re onto something—and we won’t stop.