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About Three-Year-Old Journey

Three-Year-Old Journey is a 12-week workshop series for HCZ Promise Academy Charter Schools lottery winners to learn, grow, and nurture friendships in the lead up to their admission to the school.

Program Highlights

  • Participants explore developmental milestones, discipline techniques, and developmentally appropriate activities to foster early literacy and math skills.
  • Participants gain a sense of community and camaraderie — and many remain friends and lean on each other for parenting support and schedule play dates for their children.
  • Three-year-olds play together in small and large groups under the guidance of trained staff. Activities include singing, arts and crafts, storytime, and learning social skills.
  • Graduates receive guidance in applying to Harlem Gems® preschool and referrals to HCZ programs and community resources.
  • Workshops take place on Saturdays and are offered in English, Spanish, and French.
A teacher reads a book and points to animals on the page as preschool students listen and look on

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