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About Harlem Gems

Harlem Gems preschools prepare our youngest scholars to succeed in K-12 and beyond by building a strong academic foundation and starting them on the path to college and career. Scholars can be heard in our classrooms sharing their college hopes and dreams.

Program Highlights

  • Participants can attend one of two locations at 60 West 117 Street and 389 Lenox Avenue.
  • All scholars receive the individualized instruction and one-on-one teacher attention that is vital for child development at their age.
  • Participants benefit from an extended day and year program, operating 8 AM-5:45 PM, five days a week, through July.


Our curriculum is centered on literacy, math, and social emotional learning (SEL). Our scholars gain the academic foundation they need to thrive in their K-12 education, as well as SEL that fosters healthy interpersonal skills, resilience, and productive stress coping mechanisms. Additionally, scholars participate in fun fitness activities and learn the basics of health and nutrition.

We use the Creative Curriculum and Fundations programs to teach the building blocks of language, reading, comprehension, grammar, and writing.

Five preschool students sit in a circle, flipping books, and practicing learning to read

With Eureka Math, scholars learn math through stories to gain the foundational skills to think about numbers in real-world relevant ways.

We leverage Second Step to infuse learning with SEL skills and provide teachers tools that help children learn emotional regulation and healthy coping mechanisms.

Two preschool students site side by side, smiling and reading together

Parent and Family Engagement

When families are engaged in their scholar’s education, scholars experience better learning outcomes. We offer families numerous opportunities to get involved, remain up-to-date on their child’s development, and become familiar with ways to create an environment of learning in their homes.

Opportunities and events include:

  • Parent workshops that cover curriculum, discipline, and child development
  • The Challenging Parenting Practices series, which reminds parents they are their child’s first teacher and instills skills to strengthen parenting
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Home visits
  • Book-a-Night to encourage literacy experiences at home
  • Connections to other HCZ’s youth and health & community programs


For information on how to enroll, call or stop by one of our two Harlem Gems sites: Harlem Gems North (646 539-5898 / 389 Lenox Avenue) or Harlem Gems South (60 West 117th Street / 212-369-3577).



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At HCZ Promise Academy Charter Schools, we do whatever it takes to get our scholars to and through college.