Early Childhood Programs

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The Baby College is a seven-week virtual or nine-week in-person workshop that supports new and expectant parents and other caregivers through the ins and outs of early childhood development.

To enroll: Fill out this form, call 212-665-9832, or email Babycollege@hcz.org.

Our GRADS program empowers new and expectant parents to strengthen the bonds between themselves and their children through at-home support and community events.

To enroll: email grads@hcz.org.

Harlem Gems is our preschool program designed to stoke a love of learning in our young scholars and put them on the path to college and career. There are two Harlem Gems locations, at 60 West 117 Street and 381 Lenox Avenue.

To enroll: call 917-574-6029 or email niya.brown@hczpromise.org.

Start building a bright future for your child by submitting their application to Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy, our premier K-12 charter schools, today! Three-year-olds are encouraged to apply now so that they can start kindergarten at Promise Academy after they finish preschool.

To apply, visit the Promise Academy application page. Once you apply, your child has the opportunity to be entered into a lottery and assigned a random number. If your child’s number is called during the lottery (date to be determined), they will be accepted into Promise Academy and will begin at the school in kindergarten. If your child is not entered into the lottery, or their number is not chosen during the lottery, they will be placed on a waitlist. To find out your child’s number on the waitlist, call 646-539-5941. We also update the waitlist regularly and will notify you if your child becomes accepted.

HCZ Promise Academy

Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy is a top-performing K-12 charter school within Harlem Children’s Zone’s cradle-to-career pathway of comprehensive services. When young scholars join our community, we promise to do whatever it takes to get them to and through college. Everything we do — from quality instruction to exceptional extracurricular activities to healthy, home-cooked meals — is designed to keep that promise.

Apply to HCZ Promise Academy

Youth Programs

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