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About Wealth Builds

Through this audacious initiative, scholars participate in financial literacy classes and workshops, earn scholarship and financial investment opportunities from birth to career, and access our pathway of holistic, cradle-to-career services.

Once they graduate from high school, they are better prepared to pay for college, trade school or other post-secondary programs, buy their first home, or start a business — pathways to achieving life-changing social and economic mobility. 

Wealth Builds starts when our scholars enroll in The Baby College. It continues throughout their journey through HCZ’s pathway of services, enrollment in college, and when they launch their careers. By combining HCZ’s pathway of services with financial education and capital investments in our scholars at every stage of their lives, we can close the wealth gap and catalyze a movement to transform our national economy.

Wealth Builds Approach

Wealth Builds combines HCZ’s holistic pathway of cradle-to-career services with financial education and capital investments in our scholars at every stage of their lives. Scholars enrolled at HCZ are automatically enrolled in Wealth Builds. 


Financial Education

Scholars gain financial tools and resources, along with support to develop personal financial plans.


Investments for Scholars

Scholars have the opportunity to receive financial investments that grow over time. They can be used to pay for college, their first home, or other life goals, if certain academic targets are met.


Cradle-to-Career Pathway

Scholars benefit from holistic wraparound services that support them from the moment they are born to the moment they launch their careers.

Wealth Builds Offerings

Scholars, select families, and HCZ community members may have access to one or more of these nine Wealth Builds offerings:

New parents and caregivers receive small investments to help them establish a financial foundation to support their young ones, as well as financial coaching.

Babies get seed college savings accounts (CSAs) to increase savings for college tuition and expenses when they’re adults.

Scholars receive an investment fund they can withdraw from in adulthood for activities that catalyze wealth generation (i.e. buying a home, post-secondary education, and more) upon the completion of key milestones.

Scholars benefit from courses and after-school programs to hone financial management skills and promote financial well-being.

Scholars who are building careers and starting businesses benefit from skill-building resources to support their success.

Scholars receive college scholarships and student loan repayment assistance to reduce their debt burden and support wealth building.

Scholars benefit from savings and incentives alongside financial planning to help them save for retirement.

Community members learn financial management skills to realize their investment goals.

HCZ influences state and federal policies that address economic inequity and unlock private and public capital.

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