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About The Baby College

At The Baby College®, we see today’s newborns as tomorrow’s college graduates and community role models. We promote their success through a nine-week workshop supporting new and expectant parents and caregivers through the ins and outs of early childhood development.

Program highlights:

  • The Baby College follows a curriculum designed by a preeminent pediatrician and cover all essential topics for children ages zero to three.
  • Participants form a sense of community with their fellow classmates and make new friends they can turn to for support, questions, ideas, empathy, and laughter.
  • Graduates leave the program with a wealth of parenting knowledge and a bolstered sense of confidence.
  • Childcare is offered for participants who have children ages 4 to 12.

The Baby College Curriculum

The Baby College’s hallmark curriculum follows Touchpoints, an infant development model created by Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, the late founder of the Brazelton Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Brazelton’s approach maintains a balance between theory and practice, in that it asks parents to implement what they are learning in real-time to help solidify concepts and deepen understanding.

Parents and caretakers learn the typical stages of cognitive, social, and emotional development for children ages zero to three. They graduate the program armed with best practice strategies to engage in meaningful interactions with their children and raise them in a healthy and safe home.

Additionally, the program touches on appropriate discipline, early immunization, and adequate healthcare. Parents gain the knowledge to ensure adequate care at home and also how and when to advocate for their child’s optimal care.


GRADS Early Head Start

After The Baby College: GRADS Early Head Start

GRADS (Guardians Responding and Developing Strategies) Early Head Start is a year-round, home-visiting program for expectant mothers and children ages 0–3 years old. Through GRADS EHS, graduates of The Baby College have an opportunity to deepen their understanding of early childhood development and strengthen parent-child relationships. All offerings are led by point-person trained in the social work, early childhood education, or healthcare fields.

Program highlights:

  • Weekly home visits and bi-weekly playgroups led by the GRADS EHS team. These visits and playgroups provide parents and caregivers with high-quality tools to nurture their child’s growth through everyday activities, family relationships, and community support.
  • Guidance in enhancing early literacy and school-readiness skills.
  • Parent workshops, support groups, and events to further empower them as their child’s first teacher.
  • Opportunity to join the next program in our pipeline, Three-Year-Old Journey.

To enroll in GRADS EHS, email


To enroll in The Baby College, call 212-665-9832 or click on the button and complete the form.

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three-year-old journey | A teacher helps a young child as he learns to read.


Three-Year-Old Journey

Three-Year-Old Journey provides lottery winners of HCZ’s Promise Academy® Charter Schools with the opportunity to continue to learn, grow, and nurture friendships in the lead up to their admission to Promise.