Health and Community

We want all of our community members to have long, successful, and happy lives. We offer a range of programs to support wellbeing in all senses and unlock services and opportunities.


Central Harlem is enriched with community members steeped in rich, unique, and proud history. We are at our best when the people of Harlem have economic opportunity and access to the tools and systems that support their wellbeing in every sense.

To build up opportunities and access for our community, we have created a broad offering of programs and services that create pathways to self-sufficiency, personal growth, and physical, mental, and emotional health. We also look for every opportunity to strengthen the foundations of our neighborhoods. To us, this means creating opportunities for community members to come together, learn from and with each other, socialize and have fun, and support the broader community.

Community Engagement

A community is vital and energized when its members feel heard and seen, know they are valued and have a voice in the decisions that impact their lives. We put boots on the ground to engage as many people of Central Harlem to hear their voices, learn their needs, and facilitate the opportunities and partnerships that will continue to build up our neighborhoods and people so they may thrive.