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We will go to college. We will succeed. This is our promise. This is our creed.

Promise Academy® Creed

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From day one, our promise to all students is to ensure their admission into college and success in it and beyond. Even though college is several years away for our young students, we discuss it frequently with them. We want them to grasp the importance and value of college and grow excited to work hard and achieve the milestones that will earn them college admission and prepare them for fruitful careers.

With this in mind, Promise Academy® Elementary Schools focus on building strong foundational skills in a safe, respectful learning community. Our academic curriculum is enhanced by character development, social-emotional supports, field experiences, and project-based learning.

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Our Approach

To keep our kids steadily progressing toward the shared goal of college for all, Promise Academy® Elementary School staff work to foster depth and breadth of understanding across the curriculum. Rigorous instruction in math and language arts helps students build a strong academic foundation, develop crucial critical thinking skills, and prepare for the state’s new Common Core standards.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, teachers reinforce and complement basic math and literacy skills through rich and engaging introductory coursework in history, social studies, and the sciences.

Select Student Achievements:

  • In 2019, PAI and PAII students outperformed NYC, NYS, and NYS White students on grades 3-8 ELA exams. PAI also outperformed NYS charter schools.
  • In 2019, PAI and PAII students outperformed NYC, NYS, NYS, and NYC White students on grades 3-8 math exams. Both schools also outperformed NYC and NYS charter schools.
  • In 2019, PAI and PAII students with disabilities passed grades 3-8 math exams at rates more than twice that of NYC students with disabilities.

Students also engage in regular physical and nutritional education and enjoy exposure to the arts, music, and the vast cultural opportunities that New York City has to offer.

Non-cognitive skills are crucial to long-term academic and personal success. Character development is therefore a central component of the curriculum. Through clubs and group discussions, students learn about and cultivate key traits such as integrity, perseverance, empathy, confidence, and determination.

Graduates leave their time with us proficient in critical thinking and technology skills. They also leave with a strong love of learning, a deep appreciation for engagement in their community, and ready to thrive in middle school.

After School Program

We designed the Promise Academy® Elementary After School program to complement and augment students’ academic, personal, and social development. The programming focuses primarily on high-quality arts, civics, and wellness learning. In a safe and friendly learning environment, our students learn: self-management habits to remain on track academically; the importance of looking after their physical and emotional wellbeing; and the value being a well-rounded, global citizen.

All activities are thematic and project based, incorporating positive youth development along with social and emotional learning. Each enrichment offering incrementally advances students through well-defined performance standards and builds towards mastery in STEM, arts, civics, and health & wellness programming.

After School Enrichment Offerings:

  • Enrichments & Arts: Dance, Arts & Crafts, Theater, Media Arts, Step, Creative Lab
  • Leadership: Team Building, Character Education, Student Government
  • Wellness: Fitness, Nutrition, Family Fit


Participation in athletics helps our students grow, learn, and develop key cognitive and non-cognitive abilities. Guided by HCZ’s values, we design sports programs that foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and ethical and responsible behavior both on and off the field. Our coaches instill behaviors that will lead students to better and healthier lives. Because winning is not the be all end all, we believe that our student athletes’ efforts to be their best will prepare them for achievement throughout their lives.

Young girls preparing to run a race

We build a stronger community when students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members come together to enjoy Promise athletic experiences. Promise pride is deeply rooted in our students and staff. We are dedicated to inviting community members to share in our Promise pride.

Athletics at Promise:

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Co-ed Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga
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A Look Inside Promise Academy

Enrollment and Lottery

Promise Academy® schools are free to attend and have approximately 2,000 children enrolled. Admission is by lottery or through a waitlist.

Admission Lotteries & Waitlists

Admission is determined by a lottery, which gives preference to Zone residents to ensure that we are supporting children and families with the greatest needs. All eligible applications submitted are automatically entered into the lottery—no further steps are needed.

If your child is not accepted during the initial lottery (as determined by his or her random lottery number), he or she will be placed on our waitlist. We update the waitlist regularly and will notify you if your child becomes accepted.

Locations and Contact

Contact Us

Have a question? Send us an e-mail or feel free to call us.

Promise Academy® I Elementary School
Call: 212-360-3232

Promise Academy® II Elementary School
Call: 212-360-3236

For Educators

Our Promise staff consists of specialists committed to helping our young people succeed and includes talented, trained teachers; teaching assistants; reading specialists; literacy and math coaches; special education managers; guidance counselors; and social workers who work one-on-one with students.

Learn About Careers
Community Members | With instructors guiding them, young kids participate in a fitness class in a large sports space.

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