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Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy Middle Schools offer an enriched learning environment and an encompassing system of supports designed for the whole child.

Middle school is a critical time for students, full of change and growth. Our approach ensures scholars will be prepared with the advanced skills needed to excel both academically and socially in Promise Academy High Schools.

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Ryan Carroll

Principal, Promise Academy 2 Middle School

Madelaine Schultz

Principal, Promise Academy 1 Middle School

Our Approach

To help our scholars navigate their middle school years and prepare for the increased responsibilities of high school, we provide them with rigorous academic instruction, as well as wraparound supports to stay on track academically, socially, and emotionally.

Core training in math and language arts is coupled with deeper study in the humanities and sciences. Early exposure to literary classics helps students heighten and refine their reading and analytical skills, while fully-equipped science labs and expert instruction help them discover the rigors and rewards of inquiry and experimentation.

Activities such as Model United Nations provide opportunities for scholars to apply their coursework in the “real world” while at the same time developing confidence and communication skills.

A man and a woman speak to each other at a desk.

Trained social workers and guidance counselors give individualized support to students, staff, and parents.

Social-emotional learning is also an area of emphasis for all middle school scholars. In addition to engaging in wide-ranging fitness and enrichment activities as they did in Promise Academy Elementary Schools, scholars engage in group discussions of issues such as peer pressure, insecurity, bullying, and conflict management. Trained social workers and guidance counselors give students individualized support and offer parents and staff the expertise to provide consistent, coordinated support at home and at school.

We are committed to providing our scholars an exceptional education. We promise to do this in a safe, supportive environment, where they explore their interests and come to better understand the world around them and their place and boundless potential within it.

After School Program

The Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy Middle School After School program brings additional support and learning opportunities to scholars.

All activities are thematic and project based, incorporating positive youth development and social and emotional learning. Each enrichment builds toward mastery in STEM, arts, civics, and health & wellness programming.

We encourage scholars to explore a diverse range of activities, discuss and think critically about those activities, and learn the skills necessary for college success. Our character education and leadership development components support social and emotional learning and positive relationships with adults and peers.

Ultimately, we aim to enhance students’ soft skills in order to prepare them for professional and civic responsibilities in high school and beyond.

After School Enrichment Offerings:

  • Leadership Offerings: Your Voice Matters, Youth Advisory Council
  • STEM: Code Busters, Robotics
  • Arts: Dance, Theater, Broadway Bound, Creative Writing, Media Arts, Culinary Arts, Chess
  • Health & Wellness: Nutrition, Fitness

We will go to college. We will succeed. This is our promise. This is our creed.

Promise Academy® Creed


Participation in athletics helps our students grow, learn, and develop key cognitive and non-cognitive abilities.

Guided by our values, we design sports programs that foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and ethical and responsible behavior both on and off the field. Our coaches instill behaviors that will lead students to better and healthier lives.

Winning is not the be all end all. Rather, we encourage student athletes to be their best, which prepares them for achievement throughout their lives.

Young girl smiling with medal on track.

Athletics at Promise

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Co-ed Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga

Enrollment and Lottery

Apply to Promise

Enrollment at HCZ Promise Academy Charter Schools is based on a lottery system.

Our lottery gives preference to residents of our 97-block Zone to ensure that we support children and families with the greatest needs. All eligible applications submitted are automatically entered into the lottery and no further steps are needed.

If your child is not accepted during the initial lottery (as determined by his or her random lottery number), he or she will be placed on our waitlist. We update the waitlist regularly and will notify you if your child becomes accepted.

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