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Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) Promise Academy High Schools help scholars build the academic, social, and professional skills to thrive in college and career.

Scholars engage in rigorous instruction, including advanced placement courses, as well as community service projects, college exposures, and internships. Ultimately, all of our scholars will be responsible, conscientious citizens — prepared both to succeed in post-graduation opportunities and make a positive impact on their communities.

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Kaitlyn Conwright

Principal, Promise Academy II High School

Amy Deal

Principal, Promise Academy I High School

Our Approach

College readiness is the cornerstone of everything we do at HCZ Promise Academy High Schools — and a rigorous, standards-based curriculum is just the beginning.

We also provide standardized test preparation courses and one-on-one tutoring as needed in a range of subjects. Scholars also engage in team sports, community service projects, and recreation and enrichment activities aimed at developing their skill sets, fueling their passions, and strengthening their character. Events such as debates and academic competitions build on coursework, while fostering determination, resilience, and critical thinking skills.

Two HCZ Promise Academy High School scholars meet with a representative from a college in a gymnasium.

At CHECS College Fairs, HCZ Promise Academy High School scholars get help with their college search and network with college representatives.

When the time comes for our scholars to plan their college journey, College Success Office (CSO) is there every step of the way. CSO helps scholars get through college and earn their degrees, paving the path to social and economic mobility.

Additionally, scholars can participate in pre-college programs in the summer to help prepare them for the responsibilities, challenges, and culture of college life, and career exposure opportunities to expand their understanding of career paths and the steps required to realize their dreams.

In 2012, we celebrated the graduation of the first HCZ Promise Academy High School senior class. It was an extraordinary event — and not just because 100 percent of our seniors were accepted to college. That was only the start.

After School Program

The Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy High School After School program brings additional support and learning opportunities to scholars.

All activities are thematic and project based, incorporating positive youth development and social and emotional learning. Each enrichment offering incrementally advances students through well-defined performance standards and builds towards mastery in STEM, arts, civics, and health & wellness programming.

We encourage scholars to explore a diverse range of activities, discuss and think critically about those activities, and learn the skills necessary for college success. Our character education and leadership development components support social and emotional learning and positive relationships with adults and peers.

Ultimately, we aim to enhance students’ soft skills to prepare them for professional and civic responsibilities in high school and beyond.

Afterschool Offerings

  • Leadership Offerings: Your Voice Matters, Youth Advisory Council
  • STEM: Code Busters, Robotics
  • Arts: Dance, Theater, Broadway Bound, Creative Writing, Media Arts, Culinary Arts, Chess
  • Health & Wellness: Nutrition, Fitness



Participation in athletics helps our students grow, learn, and develop key cognitive and non-cognitive abilities.

Guided by our values, we design sports programs that foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and ethical and responsible behavior both on and off the field. Our coaches instill behaviors that will lead students to better and healthier lives.

Winning is not the be all end all. Rather, we encourage student athletes to be their best, which prepares them for achievement throughout their lives.

High school students stand at starting line on a race track

Athletics at HCZ Promise Academy

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Co-ed Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga

We will go to college. We will succeed. This is our promise. This is our creed.

Promise Academy Creed


HCZ Promise Academy Charter Schools enrolls children in grades K-12, with preference given to those living in our 97-block Zone. There are no application or tuition fees.

Once you apply, your child is placed on a waitlist. To find out your child’s number on the waitlist, call 212-360-3230.

Locations and Contact

center for higher education and career support | Michelle Obama stands in front of a podium on a stage and speaks to hundreds of high school seniors on National College Signing Day

Learn More About

College Success Office

College Success Office (CSO) helps scholars get through college and earn their degrees, paving the path to social and economic mobility.