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Harlem Children’s Zone is Free for Children, Families, and Community Members

Harlem Children's Zone scholars in white t-shirts throw confetti into the air in gymnasium

At Harlem Children’s Zone, we know our scholars have unlimited potential. 

They only need the tools and resources to fully realize it.

That includes a high-quality education and after-school programs; a safe space to learn and play; and holistic supports that pave the path to and through college. 

We’re committed to providing those services at absolutely no charge to our scholars or their families. There’s no catch! Through generous donations and government funding we’ve raised, Harlem Children’s Zone is free of charge.  

What happens when you remove the financial burden to high-quality education and resources? The results speak for themselves: 

  • We’ve closed the Black-white achievement gap in our schools
  • 100% of our scholars are accepted to college each year
  • Hundreds earn their degrees and build successful careers

Keep scrolling to discover more about HCZ’s pathway of no-cost programs and services.

HCZ Promise Academy, our top-performing charter schools, offers free tuition, access to technology, and more

Within HCZ’s pathway of programs and services is HCZ Promise Academy, a top-performing K-12 charter school that provides a private school experience at no cost to scholars and their families.

At HCZ Promise Academy, we promise to do whatever it takes to get your child to and through college. That means providing everything from quality instruction to exceptional extracurricular activities to healthy, home-cooked meals. We even offer free uniforms and field trips!

HCZ Promise Academy High School seniors smile in graduation day at The Armory.

Thinking of going to Staples for supplies? Save the trip! From notebooks to calculators to backpacks — and even laptops! — we provide our scholars with everything they need to be their best at school. This also includes access to top-of-the-line learning technology, musical instruments, media and broadcasting tools, and much more.

When it’s time to go to college, we prepare your scholar for their post-secondary journey. That includes help navigating the college application process, landing scholarships, and choosing the college and major that’s right for them. Why the focus on college? We believe it’s the key to breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Discover everything you need to know about HCZ Promise Academy and how to enroll> 

Our schools are located conveniently throughout Harlem:

  • Promise Academy I High, Middle, and Elementary School (245 West 129th Street)
  • Promise Academy II High School and Middle School (35 East 125th Street)
  • Promise Academy II Elementary School (70 East 112th Street)

Our Zone Programs provide after-school and holistic services to young people throughout Harlem — and there’s no cost to attend

For scholars not enrolled at HCZ Promise Academy, we offer a wide range of free youth programs — including after-school programs! — that expose scholars to arts, athletics, and academic enrichments. We offer programs from the moment a child is born to the moment they go off to college. This includes:

Additionally, Harlem Children’s Zone is free for our community members through the following programs and services:

HCZ isn’t just free — with Wealth Builds, we invest in our scholars’ financial futures

Our Wealth Builds initiative will empower your scholar with the education and resources to build a successful financial future. Our goal is to close the racial wealth gap and open pathways to social and economic mobility.

Through participation in the initiative, scholars have the opportunity to finance their dreams — whether that’s paying for college, buying their first home, or starting a business.