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Education and Youth Programs

We are committed to providing children every opportunity and support today so that they may thrive tomorrow.

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Youth Programs | High school graduates, in cap and gown, stand in a row at their graduation ceremony.

Harlem Gems®

HCZ has two Harlem Gems® preschools, each filled with educators who do whatever it takes to make sure all students graduate ready to succeed in their K-12 education and beyond.

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HCZ | Four preschool graduates sing in their cap and gowns at their graduation ceremony.

Michelle Slaybaugh: Reproductive Health Program Manager

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Orielle Munante: Childcare Worker

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Orielle | Woman smiles at camera while holding a baby

Latasha Morgan: Director, Parent & Community Engagement

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Woman stands smiling in front of Harlem Children's Zone office

Getting to Families Before Families Get to a Crisis Point

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Our Stories

Learn about the work we do and why we do it from members of the HCZ team.

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News & Resources

Stay up to date with the latest news and resources from Harlem Children's Zone

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HCZ News | A man reads to his baby daughter in an arm chair

Geoffrey Canada Community Center

GCCC — a centerpiece of HCZ and Central Harlem, and named in honor of HCZ’s founder — has been a welcoming space for learning, gathering, support, and celebration since 2004.

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Basketball players surround a player as he takes a jump shot at the hoop

West Side Community Center

Since 2013, WSCC has been a place to gather, learn, have fun, celebrate, and find support for residents of Central Harlem and St. Nicholas housing.

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An aerobics instructor leads a class of several women in exercise.