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From Pre-School to Promise Academy to Syracuse University: Kiara Molina’s HCZ Journey

When Promise Kiara Molina stood at the White House podium to introduce President Barack Obama in 2014, she had no doubt where she would be after graduating from Promise Academy High School.

“I used to want to be a veterinarian. But now I’m thinking, maybe I’ll be a lawyer, because I love ‘Law and Order,’” she said at the event celebrating the president’s Promise Zones initiative. “But either way, I am going to college.”

Though her quip got a laugh from the president, Kiara wasn’t joking about her plans: After graduating from Promise Academy, she went on to attend and receive her diploma from the prestigious Newhouse School at Syracuse University.

Shining Example of our Model

Kiara is proof of the amazing potential of our young people and a shining example of our model.

She started her HCZ journey in our Harlem Gems pre-K program; then enrolled in our world-premier Promise Academy charter school; and then became a participant of our Center for Higher Education and Career Support.

From Cradle to College to Career

From cradle to college to career, we’re doing whatever it takes to help scholars like Kiara thrive. 

Now, Kiara — who recently landed a role at Viacom CBS — hopes to give back to the next generation of scholars so that they can achieve the same success.

“Seeing the impact HCZ has had on me is motivation to help out other kids who look like me get to the places I’ve been,” she said. “I’m forever grateful to HCZ.”