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Harlem Children’s Zone Celebrates Graduation Week 2022

Promise Academy High School seniors smile during their graduation ceremonny during Graduation Week 2022

From Harlem Gems on 117th Street to the Armory on 143rd Street, Harlem Children’s Zone was filled with scenes of proud parents and staff, inspiring speeches, and graduation caps tossed joyously into the air. Last week was our favorite time of year in the Zone: Graduation Week!

Congratulations to all our scholars who are moving up to new schools, transitioning to new programs, and in the case of our seniors, graduating and going to college or embarking on their next chapters. And a big congrats, as well, to all of our staff members, parents, and guardians who played a pivotal role in helping our scholars reach these amazing milestones!

Check out pictures from Graduation Week at Harlem Children’s Zone: