Housing Development
Community Centers

Because the St. Nicholas and Lincoln public housing developments are some of the most challenged areas in our Zone, with large concentrations of disenfranchised children and families, we opened three sites to give local students a safe, enriching environment where they can go after school.  We operate K-8 programs at the St. Nicholas Community Center and the Lincoln Community Center, as well as a high-school site at the Salem United Methodist Church building, adjacent to St. Nicholas Houses.

All three programs offer academic support, including tutoring, homework help, and standardized test preparation. They also offer students engaging and enriching programs, such as music, dance, cooking, and karate.  As at other HCZ sites, children at the Lincoln, St. Nicholas, and Salem Community Centers also participate in our Healthy Harlem initiative to ensure regular physical activity and nutrition education.

These programs work to guide children through the difficult transition periods from middle school to high school to college, as well as help them develop important social and life skills.  As part of our organization-wide efforts to build both character and a collective stake among our kids in revitalizing Harlem, students also participate regularly in community service projects.