Employment and
Technology Center

The Employment and Technology Center (ETC) provides year-round programming after school and during the summer to 350 public high-school students. ETC works to get them ready for college, both by providing essential academic supports and by giving them space and encouragement to pursue their passions for the arts and technology. The site is equipped with scores of computers; a cutting-edge technology lab with specialized digital equipment; and a music studio, where students create their own beats and write, mix, and record their own music—all while learning the value of dedication and teamwork. Other high-caliber enrichment activities include robotics, marketing and design, video production, drumming, dance, and creative writing, all of which give our students a chance to test the boundaries of their imagination and develop character and crucial skills, such as commitment, curiosity, and critical thinking.

ETC’s dedicated staff includes specialized teaching artists, whose contagious enthusiasm helps inspire our students and keep them on track through project-based learning in small-group settings. Professional tutors also provide help with homework and test preparation, while Student Advocates give our youth individualized academic and personal support. Students also have the opportunity to go on tours of college campuses and receive staff assistance with the college application process, from improving their personal statements to picking an appropriate school.

ETC is committed to supporting our students’ total well-being. As part of our organization-wide Healthy Harlem initiative, students exercise daily at the site or play sports at HCZ’s Armory, in addition to learning the ins and outs of nutrition through regular culinary arts workshops.

From cooking to computer skills, ETC’s overarching goal is to help high-school students living in the Zone advance to college with the tenacity, tools, and even tech savvy to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.