Community Benefits Support & Tax Prep

Community Benefits Support

HCZ Community Benefits Support facilitates access to government resources and provides free legal services and financial counseling—all in one stop.  HCZ Community Benefits Support works with over 1,000 families annually at our Singleton Center,  which is staffed by a trained coordinator, who not only offers valuable expertise, but also works to establish a safe, trusting environment in which our families can feel comfortable discussing their needs and concerns.

HCZ Community Benefits Support services include screenings to determine if clients are eligible for public benefits—such as health insurance, food stamps, cash assistance, unemployment benefits, childcare, and Social Security—and to help them take the bureaucratic steps necessary to obtain them.  A legal provider is also available to give counseling on issues like housing, healthcare, and childcare.  Staff also refer clients to HCZ’s free Tax Preparation Program, helping them secure any refunds and thereby fueling the local economy.

By making sure that our children and families with the deepest needs also receive the strongest supports, HCZ Community Benefits Support is helping us empower and lift up the whole community.

Tax Preparation Program

One of the many ways that HCZ is revitalizing Central Harlem is by serving as a powerful economic engine.

In order to help our families steer clear of predatory tax prep services and ensure that they receive their full refunds, we created a free Tax Preparation Program.  Our fiscal team trains program staff to provide convenient, on-site assistance and help residents throughout the Zone file properly and on-time.  We help thousands of residents earn millions in refunds each year, giving our families, local businesses, and the community a much-needed economic boost.