Senior Leadership

Betina Jean-Louis
Senior Managing Director, Research & Evaluation
Teresa Council
Managing Director, Health and Wellness
Tracey Jenkins
Procurement Officer
Marty Lipp
Senior Managing Director, Communications
Achil Petit
Superintendent, Promise Academy Charter Schools & Early Childhood
Jessica Lake
Managing Director, Social Services
Jazmine Lewis
Managing Director, Practitioners Institute, Quality Assurance and Training & Safety
Rebecca Navarro
Managing Director, Early Childhood
Monalisa Tolbert
Managing Director, Beacon and High School Programs

Promise Academy® Charter Schools

Joseph Cordero
Principal, Promise Academy I Elementary School
Zahida Aminy
Principal, Promise Academy I High School
Shondell James
Principal, Promise Academy II Elementary
Amy Deal
Principal, Promise Academy II Middle School
Kashif Hameed
Principal, Promise Academy II High School