Emotional Wellness Support and Weeks of Reflection

If you or your team are interested in engaging in, or learning about, available grief support, contact Rowland Boateng at rboateng@hcz.org or Anna Owusu at aowusu@hcz.org.

Weeks of Reflection

We are providing elective opportunities for our scholars and staff to grieve, reflect on, and honor those who have been lost.For each opportunity, we are exploring different themes connected to specific weeks. However, we encourage you to participate in any of the themes that speak to you at any time. The themes are:

  • Week 1: Visual Arts
  • Week 2: Media & Photography
  • Week 3: Written Reflection
  • Week 4: Acts of Service


How to Participate in Week 2 – Media and Photography

We encourage you to reflect on old photos, videos, and other media, or create new works.

How to Participate in Week 1 – Visual Arts 

Using the Tile Design Template, you can sketch your tile; then, you will have the opportunity to replicate your design onto a tile. If you wish, you may contribute your tile to a community mosaic for our Celebration of Life currently planned for December.Tiles and supplies will be available for all staff and scholars at the following locations:

  • Staff and Scholars: All Zone Program sites
  • Administrative Teams: 35 E. 125th St. (6th floor reception desk)
  • Administrative Teams: 245 W. 129th St. (lobby)

Completed tiles should be returned to your program site or to reception desks at 35 E. 125th St. 6th Fl. or 245 W. 129th St. lobby. If you have questions regarding tiles or would like to request additional tiles, please email Monaisha Williams at mwilliams@hcz.org.