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How HCZ Students Give Back

Give back
Above: High-school students reading to elementary school class at Promise Academy® I.

We are so proud of our students for not only their academic achievements, but also for the way they give back to one another and to our community.

In fact, our busy high-school students at our Promise Academy® charter schools have come together to mentor the youngest students in their school. They committed to hosting a reading hour twice a week in each of our kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms and have kept up their volunteering all school year. Between preparing for the SATs and visiting college campuses, they make time to come into the classroom to host read-a-longs, work with students individually, and model for the young students what their futures could look like. You can see one of these read-a-longs in the photo below.

This sweet partnership is just one example of how students give back. All of our high-school students volunteer through HCZ whether it’s reading to younger students, assembling care packages for our college students, or showcasing their talents at a local senior center.

Thank you for supporting our students on their journey to adulthood as we help them navigate academics, and importantly, how to grow up to be a model citizen.