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How to Navigate Hybrid and In-Person Work

How to Navigate Hybrid and In-Person Work graphic

For almost two years, we’ve had to “learn” ourselves in the reality of a pandemic. Now that we’ve transitioned to on-site work for the majority of the week, many folks are figuring out how to get into a healthy rhythm. 

Here are some tips to be your best self while navigating the transitions to in-person work and hybrid schedules:

  • Stay connected to your community. Check in with your colleagues, look to each other for support, and share positive energy (while respecting each other’s boundaries). 
  • Set clear work boundaries. Create a priority list and stick to it – too many to-do’s can be overwhelming. Set clear, actionable goals and give yourself a time limit for each task. Reduce distractions and minimize multitasking, as they can create room for error. Lastly, be clear and communicate your boundaries with others to preserve your energy.
  • Take mental breaks. Take a walk, a moment of silent reflection, and/or advantage of Emotional Wellness offerings. If you need to, set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself that it’s time for a break.
  • Use your resources. HCZ offers tons of options for supporting your physical and mental health. To learn more, email us at