HCZ Food Services

We build a strong foundation of health and well-being for our children every day by making sure they eat nutritional, well-balanced meals. Under the expert supervision of Chef Andrew, our amazing Food Services team makes 1.45 million meals each year, 96% from scratch and all low in salt, fat, and sugar.

The team provides a freshly made breakfast, lunch, and snack each school day to the 2,000+ youth at our two Promise Academy® Charter Schools and our four Harlem Gems® pre-kindergarten sites. In keeping with our goal not only to help our kids eat healthy but also to introduce them to a variety of foods, staff create meals that reflect the cultural diversity of our families and a wide range of culinary traditions. Our schools also offer a salad bar with an expansive selection of ever-changing options, from greens and fresh vegetables to innovative side dishes prepared in house.

In addition, our Food Services team holds healthy cooking classes for students and the community. Like all of the services and resources HCZ offers, meals and classes are provided free of charge.