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Harlem Children’s Zone Partners with Companies to Lead Nationwide Movement to Bridge Digital Divide

The shift to online learning has disrupted education for students across the country. But for communities of color, the challenge is particularly acute. Long-standing inequities have left many communities without access to technologies — including laptops and Wi-Fi connections — needed to engage in online learning.

Harlem Children’s Zone has partnered with a coalition of best-in-class companies, led by Proctor & Gamble, to lead a nationwide movement to bridge the digital divide.

As a partner in One Million Connected Devices NowHCZ is helping to lead Phase One of a multi-phase initiative whose ultimate goal is to put 1 million connected devices in the hands of students across the country. HCZ will manage the execution of Phase One in seven markets: New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Newark, and Oakland.

The movement builds on HCZs current work, beginning when COVID-19 struck in March, to partner with high-performing nonprofits to support pandemic relief and recovery efforts in Harlem and six communities across the countryThis includes bridging the digital divide, providing emergency financial relief, protecting our most vulnerable, achieving zero learning loss, and mitigating mental health crises.

Phase One of One Million Connected Devices Now was made possible through a $25 million investment that includes contributions from P&G, Dell Technologies, Dow Jones, PNC Bank, and Walmart, among others. The companies are inviting others to help address the digital divide. To get involved, visit Take on Race.