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Geoffrey Canada and Jennifer Blatz Explore Place-Based Work in Stanford Social Innovation Review

Geoffrey Canada and Jennifer Blatz place-based work

Place-based work has transformed the way Harlem Children’s Zone and StriveTogether are effectively serving their communities.

Harlem Children’s Zone Founder and President, Geoffrey Canada and Strive Together President and CEO, Jennifer Blatz offer a deep dive into place-based work — and critical lessons they have learned on the subject — in an article they co-authored for Stanford Social Innovation Review.

“Through place-based work, we have learned new ways to partner, collect data, and invest to bring systemic change and eliminate structural inequalities in our communities,” Canada and Blatz write in their article, “The Importance of Place.” At Harlem Children’s Zone, this work is being led by our William Julius Wilson Institute.

To read the full article, visit Stanford Social Innovation Review.