Inside HCZ

Inside HCZ: Syreeta Miller

“I love these kids, I really do. ’m not restricted to just the sport – I support them in everything they do.” – Syreeta Miller

Inside HCZ: Kyler Morris

“Everyone always says that cliché ‘It takes a village to save a child, but I honestly feel it takes that one person to make a difference in a child’s life.” – Kyler Morris

Inside HCZ: Mike Bryant

“Children are always first. They’re the backbone – so we have to educate them and get them ready.” – Mike Bryant

Inside HCZ: Charles Trimble

“The key is giving people what they need when they need it. You need to give them the same respect that you would want if you were in their shoes.” – Charles Trimble

Inside HCZ: Latasha Morgan

“To me, this community means hope, possibility and life. Everything I do here is a personal mission for me.” – Latasha Morgan

Inside HCZ: Crista Terrizzi

“I really believe in the mission. HCZ is tackling all the different aspects of the community and what we can improve in the lives of people in Harlem – and not just in education.” – Crista Terrizzi

Inside HCZ: Grace Flowers

“There are life lessons to be learned here especially if you take the time and listen.” – Grace Flowers

Inside HCZ: Kindu Brown

“Every day I come in, I need to have on a suit and tie. You’ve got to look the part, play the part, plan for success – and your delivery is that much smoother.” – Kindu Brown

Inside HCZ: Gregary Griffin

“The love for what I do is the reason why I’m here at HCZ. My love for music has brought me to a place where I can use my talents to help other people to find what they love.” – Gregary Griffin