High School

Too often, high school is the last stand for low-income students who have fallen behind. Many drop out- only to find that they are unable to find a job or make a comfortable life for themselves. Some, particularly boys, drift into drugs, gangs and crime. In the past two years, we have increased the number of high school students we support, introducing HCZ's multiple site College Preparatory Program that makes year-round academic improvement possible for over 900 secondary level Harlem youth. HCZ's high school contingent is doing whatever it takes to get Harlem's students into college and, ultimately, the workplace.

Like all of HCZ’s programs, our high-school programs provide their services free to the public, which is possible thanks to the generosity of people like you. Please consider making a donation today.

Promise Academy Charter Schools:

Promise Academy began its high school in the fall of 2008 and that initial class of ninth-graders have continued their middle-school progress, with 93 percent passing the Algebra Regents. The 2009-10 school year has seen the tenth grade added to Promise Academy High School. Each subsequent year will see the introduction of a new grade until all high-school levels are represented. In addition, we have created several cross-site initiatives to help our high school students navigate the process of getting into college.


Academic Case Management (ACM) is a holistic approach to youth development that each HCZ site serving Middle School (MS), High School (HS) and College Success students employs to strengthen our mission to support the healthy emotional, social, intellectual, physical and professional development of each child throughout his or her lifespan.

As in the middle-school, each of the six high-school sites has Student Advocates, assigned by grades, to work with each young person to create individualized Action Plans that identify concrete strategies to enrich and support the student's academic achievement, college readiness and personal growth. ACM focuses on building collaborations with the parents, teachers and other stakeholders to inform, develop, execute, assess and track student progess, particulary in the critical transitions from middle to high school and then into college.

TRUCE Arts & Media

TRUCE (The Renaissance University for Community Education) does youth development through the arts and media, working with youth in grades 9-12 on academic growth, career readiness as well as fostering media literacy and artistic ability. In 2008-09, TRUCE Arts and Media worked regularly with over 300 high-school students, and 100 percent of its seniors went on to college.

Watch a video about TRUCE Arts & Media:

Employment and Technology Center

The Employment and Technology Center (ETC) teaches computer and job-related skills to teens and adults. It serves over 280 students and 90 percent of its 2008-09 high-school seniors were accepted into college. ETC places, at its helm, the necessity to create an environment that compels youth to be active learners and designers of their environment.

With an emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach to arts and technology education, the Tech Program approaches learning with a vigorous focus on expanding technical skills, delving into critical thinking, and expressing creative ingenuity. The teaching artists use New York City as a living classroom and resource for exploration through exposures and technology as a means for the youth to translate their ideas.

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Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn is an after-school program that helps high school juniors and seniors improve their academic skills, as well as prepare them for college and the job market. The program is a component of the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Learn to Earn provides job readiness training and summer employment opportunities for high school juniors and seniors. Program participants receive life skill workshops that assist them with job readiness, conflict resolution, social development and financial planning. During the school year, the focus is on improving participants' academic standings and developing life skills, while during the summer months, the focus is on gaining summer employment.


The College Preparatory Program provides year-round academic enrichment to approximately 900 high school youth residing in the Harlem area. The program helps them aim for a college education, utilizing the resources available at the Employment and Technology Center (ETC). ETC's twenty-two person education team, comprised of academic advisors, college counselors and tutors, creates an interactive curriculum to motivate and challenge the young people enrolled in the College Preparatory Program. The program's primary goal is to get young people thinking about the pursuit of a college education as early as possible.

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