Resources for Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Updates

New Yorkers should text COVID to 692-692 to get regular updates on the latest developments regarding COVID-19.
Text COVIDESP for Spanish

COVID-19 Information Guide

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with COVID-19

CDC: Information on Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has compiled a wealth of information, accessible through this centralized Coronavirus webpage.

El CDC: Coronavirus en Español

Los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de enfermedades han compilado una gran cantidad de información, accesible a través de esta página web centralizada de Coronavirus.

NYC Health: Information on Coronavirus

The City of New York’s centralized Coronavirus page, with frequently updated city-wide announcements and mandates. This page has translations available in several different languages.

Washington Post: Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”

Read by tens of millions and counting, this article explains—through powerful and moving imagery—why it is vital we all stay home as much as possible and practice social distancing.

The Child Mind Institute: Talking to kids about Coronavirus

A video and tips to help ease your child’s anxiety.

The World Health Organization: Mental health considerations during COVID-19 outbreak

Tips to show resilience and reduce anxiety, as categorized for the general population, health care workers, leaders and managers in a health facility, child caretakers, and people in isolation/quarantine.

Keeping the Home and Workplace Safe

Useful tips and precautions including limiting touching cash, handling food and navigating transportation.


Interactive information and activities to help explain Coronavirus to children