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HCZ on “60 Minutes” with Anderson Cooper

As Anderson Cooper notes at the beginning of the broadcast, “60 Minutes” first reported on Geoffrey Canada and HCZ three and half years earlier, but “back then there was no way to tell if his Children’s Zone was working.  Today, however, results are in, and they’re…

HCZ Is the “Talk of the Nation”

NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” spoke to HCZ’s Geoffrey Canada for its series on “what works.”  Listen to the audio and read about how HCZ is breaking the pattern of poverty here.

President Obama Cites HCZ as an Innovator

At the White House on June 30th, President Obama announced an effort to replicate innovative nonprofits, citing the Harlem Children’s Zone as a prime example.  HCZ President/CEO Geoffrey Canada also spoke at the event and the President’s full remarks are available here.

Soledad O’Brien Visits HCZ

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien visited HCZ and spoke with President/CEO Geoffrey Canada about how the organization is changing young people’s lives in Harlem.  Watch the 3-minute segment.

HCZ on Good Morning America

The Good Morning America Weekend Edition profiled HCZ’s work to give Harlem children and families “keys to the future.”  Watch the clip here.