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HCZ on Good Morning America

The Good Morning America Weekend Edition profiled HCZ’s work to give Harlem children and families “keys to the future.”  Watch the clip here.

Wall Street Journal Profiles HCZ

The Wall Street Journal published a front-page profile of the Harlem Children’s Zone, detailing the organization’s successes, opportunities, and challenges in today’s economy. Read the article here.

Paul Tough’s Whatever It Takes

Written by New York Times editor Paul Tough, Whatever It Takes is a compelling, in-depth look at the groundbreaking work of the Harlem Children’s Zone and its leader, Geoffrey Canada. Tough spent five years researching the work of the Children’s Zone, interviewing staff, students and parents. In…

HCZ’s Baby College® on This American Life

This 30-minute audio clip from National Public Radio’s This American Life focuses on the first step in HCZ’s pipeline of services: The Baby College. It is an intimate look at how HCZ’s work is transforming the lives of families and helping to break the cycle…

Geoffrey Canada on “Fresh Air”

Along with author Paul Tough, HCZ President/CEO Geoffrey Canada, was interviewed on NPR’s “Fresh Air” with host Terry Gross about Tough’s book, Whatever It Takes, and the work of the Harlem Children’s Zone.  Read the story and listen to the audio here.