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Celebrating All of Our HCZ Moms


This year, the warmth and joy we associate with Mother’s Day are in stark contrast to the backdrop of a world that seems particularly scary and uncertain.

I think of my own 86-year-old mother, who lives with my family and contributes so much to keeping us on track. Over the decades, she sacrificed so much to ensure that I and my siblings could have great lives. Every day I see thousands of selfless, unstoppable moms like her who are working with us at the Harlem Children’s Zone, doing whatever it takes to make sure our children thrive. Their loving, their caring, their always showing up — that is what has set a foundation for their children’s learning and growth.

These unsung everyday sheroes are why I remain absolutely certain that all the children at HCZ will succeed. They are reaching for the stars, but they are standing on some unshakable solid ground.

Fortunately Mother’s Day gives our kids the chance to step back and acknowledge all that their moms do. I would like to take this moment to add my thanks to our wonderful moms.

Your work does not go unnoticed — by us or your children. It is particularly welcome in today’s world of uncertainty. On behalf of all the staff at HCZ, I want to express our deepest gratitude for your work, your partnership and your dedication.

Anne Williams-Isom
Chief Executive Officer