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A Look Inside: An in-depth look at individual programs

Promise Academy

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Harlem Gems

Poems by Geoffrey Canada

Waiting for Whom?
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Something I Must Do


Rules of Engagement for Community-based Organizations (December 2012)

HCZ 2013 Highlights - From hundreds of kids in college to the opening of our new school building, read about our accomplishments during the 2013 fiscal year

HCZ FY12 Fall Report

HCZ FY10 Accomplishments

Rheedlen Centers Business Plan 2001-2009 (created 2000)

HCZ's Business Plan (2003 updated version of Rheedlen Business Plan)

HCZ White Paper

HCZ FY 2010 Audited Financial Statements

HCZ FY 2011 Audited Financial Statements

HCZ FY 2012 Audited Financial Statements

HCZ Form 990 FY 2010

HCZ Form 990 FY 2011

HCZ Form 990 FY 2012

"Focusing on Results in Promise Neighborhoods: Recommendations for the Federal Initiative"

This evaluation framework proposes core and optional results for Promise Neighborhood initiatives that should drive the planning, design, start-up activities, program implementation, and evaluation of the individual sites and the overall initiative.

"Results and Indicators for Children: An Analysis to Inform Discussions about Promise Neighborhoods"

A paper that identifies the most important outcomes that have been shown to relate to the long-term success of children.

"Supporting Children's Development through Evidence-Based Practices"

The Children's Zone's Evaluation Department developed this list of programs that have been shown to be effective via their participation in randomized controlled trial studies and provides some basic information about the programs.

pdf_button "Maximizing Capital Dollars: Practical Lessons from New Charter Schools' Facilities"

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