While the original goal of the HCZ Project was to get students into college, we found that some students - many the first in their families to go to college - were struggling with the new challenges of the college environment.

HCZ responded by creating the College Success Office, which supports students with the entire range of problems they might face - everything from navigating the financial aid process to tutoring, from time management to obtaining internships. Like all of HCZ’s programs, our college and young adults programs provide their services free to the public, which is possible thanks to the generosity of people like you. Please consider making a donation today.

The College Success Office

The College Success Office supports students who have graduated from high school and HCZ programs. It helps them get into the most-appropriate college, then assists them throughout their college years. CSO places students in summer and winter-break internships, as well as organizes community-service projects. HCZ now has about 600 students in college and the 2009-10 freshman class received more than $6.3 million in scholarships.

In the past two years, CSO has strengthened its ability to support out-of-town students with the creation of "campus connectors," upperclassmen who act as mentors and advisors to incoming students. CSO has also piloted the creation of "campus advisors"- college staff who assist HCZ students attending their schools.

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