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Community Pride

Community Pride organizes tenant and block associations, helping many hundreds of tenants convert their city-owned buildings into tenant-owned co-ops. The program combines social services for individuals and families with tenant organizing and community redevelopment initiatives. This comprehensive strategy allows Community Pride's staff to operate simultaneously at three levels of intervention: families, building and block. The program also works with and impacts other stakeholders such as churches and police precincts.

Community Pride's work is guided by an overall community development philosophy that is based on the participation of community residents in all planning and decision-making activities.

Watch a video about Community Pride below:

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Single Stop

Harlem Children Zone’s Single Stop program was initiated as a tool to reduce poverty within the zone’s 100 blocks. Each week at various sites, Single Stop provides clients with access to a broad assortment of useful services. Workers offer free advice about securing public benefits, as well as access to legal guidance, financial advice, debt relief counseling and domestic crisis resolution. All of the guidance is provided through confidential, one-on-one sessions.

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