Beacon Community Centers

photo_beaconThe Beacon programs turn school buildings into community centers, offering programs during the afternoon, evening and weekend. They offer programs for youth and adults - from education to the arts to recreation. Each summer, they offer all-day camp so children have a safe, enriching place to spend their time instead of hanging out on the street. Like our Harlem Children's Zone Project, the Beacons also have a holistic "whatever it takes" approach to meeting the needs of the surrounding community.

Like all of HCZ’s programs, the Beacon centers provide their services free to the public, which is possible thanks to the generosity of people like you. Please consider making a donation today.


The Countee Cullen Community Center was one of the first Beacons in New York City, created in 1991. Since its creation, it has become a national model program. The Center is located in PS 194 on West 144th Street in Harlem. In 2007, it served over 1,100 children and 400 adults. Its summer camp served 550 children from the ages of 5 to 18.

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The Booker T. Washington Beacon program is located in MS 54 on West 107th Street. In 2007 it served 1,500 residents, including 1,100 young people. It serves elementary- and middle-school students and brings the local community together through special events.

In addition to its wide range of education, arts and recreation programs, the program has been busy building out its Moving Forward program, which targets young men and women who are no longer in school, but not fully employed. Moving Forward works with young people so they can obtain a high-school equivalency degree and then go on to a vocational school or other higher-learning institutions.

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The HCZ Community Center, located in our 125th Street headquarters, provides after-school enrichment programming for the HCZ Promise Academy students, as well as programming and special events (such as an annual Thanksgiving dinner) for the surrounding community. The center has created a strong relationship with two housing projects, St. Nicholas and Lincoln, that are located in the northern section of the HCZ Project, and offers programs at satellite facilities in the projects themselves

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